StarstreamVIII 2020

Capt Lou VII Reports   Atlantic Pear Reports

Captain Anthony Gillespie would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy New Year.

We are presently gearing up for our spring offshore Canyon Tilefish trips.
March 7,14,21 and April 4,18 and 25
These trips are fishing between 475ft of water to 850ft of water on the edge of the continental shelf fishing for GOLDEN TILEFISH. All trips will be on one of our two offshore super cruisers the ATLANTIC PEARL OR THE STARSTREAM VIII

ALL TRIPS leave the night before above posted dates. The departure times are usually 11pm but could be as early as 9pm. There is a strict 27 person limit on these trips so booking your RESERVATIONS now is highly recommended.

Gear for these trips are as follows

OLD SCHOOL: Regular conventional setup with 80lb braided line and a big handle on that real.

The Easier and more Comfortable method:
Electric Reel setup.

This fishery is a drift fishery for the most part. We will not be sailing with a forecast that has alot of wind in it. We have a phenomenal crew onboard along with some of the most experienced fisherman who love sharing their knowledge. If you are new to Tile fishing or just want to give it a try you are with the right crowd here.

The fare is $295 per person. If you need an electric reel setup of a 2 speed reel setup we have them for rent. $75 electric and $50 for 2 speed. Make sure you alert the office or pay for the rental at the time of booking your ticket. If we dont know you need a rental they may all be rented. That means your doing it old school on your trip. Your Cranking!

We sell our sinkers onboard. Usual weights for this trip are 16oz on the light side up to 48oz on the heavy side. We include the bait. Mackerel and Squid is included with your fare.

CALL 516 623 5823 For additional information. Thank You! Capt. Anthony Gillespie